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View Thread Has anybody gotten a pop up survey yet? - Admin_Russell47 Rpl
Hello everyone, We just released a new feature on BrickLink as a way to hear more directly from you, our illustrious members. It's a pop-up that leads to a satisfaction [...]
(11 months ago, Sep 1, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread VAT Rate for Ireland - Admin_Russell1 Rpl
In a couple hours we will switch the default VAT rate for the Republic of Ireland from 23% to 21%. This is the second European country we have switched VAT rates for so far: [...]
(11 months ago, Aug 31, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Collection of VAT on Seller Fees (Update) - Admin_Russell34 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, Today, we will further our Covid-19 commitment to you that the BrickLink site would be ready and available for you to use during this difficult time. [...]
(12 months ago, Aug 3, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update - Admin_Russell18 Rpl
Hello everyone, There will be an email going out to the general membership soon about this as well, but we are pleased to announce that our new Terms of Service and Privacy [...]
(12 months ago, Jul 28, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Terms of Service Update for Tax Compliance - Admin_Russell341 Rpl
Dear BrickLink member, Over the next few weeks, BrickLink will undergo some changes that will affect our membership. These changes are necessary for our platform to be compliant [...]
(12 months ago, Jul 24, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Announcement of Scheduled Downtime - Admin_Russell10 Rpl
This is a notification that the site will be down for a special maintenance session on Tuesday, June 30 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (BrickLink Time). The session is scheduled [...]
(13 months ago, Jun 27, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread 20 Days of BrickLink - reminder - Admin_Russell0 Rpl
Other than the initial two posts, we haven't really said too much about the 20 Days of BrickLink event in the Forum. Just as a way of reminder, the event is taking place [...]
(13 months ago, Jun 27, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Site Performance Issues - Update (May 22) - Admin_Russell32 Rpl
This is the next installment in a series of posts about site performance. You may read the previous posts here: (URL) (URL) In the first post, we mentioned our plan to rewrite [...]
(14 months ago, May 22, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Changes to Order Status (Revised May 20) - Admin_Russell10 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, As a follow-up to these two recent posts: (URL) (URL) …we have extensively revised the XP implementation as it relates to order status issues. Many [...]
(14 months ago, May 21, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Update on Order Status settings issue - Admin_Russell17 Rpl
Hello everyone, Regarding the order status settings issue: (URL) Based on feedback we received from you, we have decided to make a number of adjustments to the original XP [...]
(15 months ago, May 13, 2020, to Administrative)

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