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 Author: wyldkat1976 View Messages Posted By wyldkat1976
 Posted: Nov 13, 2019 04:00
 Subject: Part 60c01
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 Topic: Catalog Requests
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I was just sorting through some stock and listing items when I noticed that this
part comes in 2 distinct varieties, one with dark bluish gray centre bush and
the older one with light Gray centre bush. Also the older type have the Ncm ratings
on the stamped on the back, whereas the newer ones don't.
This is the only catalogue entry:-
Part No: 60c01  Name: Technic, Gear 24 Tooth Clutch
60c01 Technic, Gear 24 Tooth Clutch
Parts: Technic, Gear

However the differences are quite noticeable. I know it doesn't effect the
use, but surely a choice on the colour centre is important.