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 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: May 9, 2020 12:11
 Subject: The Community Expert Program
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 Topic: Administrative
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To BrickLink users everywhere:

Today we would like to announce a new BrickLink program called the Community
Expert Program. This replaces the volunteer admin program which was in effect
up until the acquisition of the site in December.

Over the past several months, we have onboarded 18 members from the original
program into the new program. Each of them had to sign legal documents and accept
a new reward system which was significantly different than the one before. However,
the positions remain essentially the same in terms of duties and privileges.

And the onboarding process was just the first step. We have plans over the coming
months to develop the Community Expert Program and further tailor it to the needs
of the site. In addition to replenishing a few vacancies, we will also consider
adding new positions and tweaking some of the existing ones.

For a list of who is currently in the program, please see the admin page:


We also have a recently updated Help Page which might answer some further questions:


We would also like to take this opportunity to give a sincere word of thanks
to all those who have retired from the volunteer program over the years, especially
those who were still active at the time of the acquisition. There is an extension
link at the foot of the admin page for the Hall of Fame, where retired admins
are listed along with their dates of service.

Employees of the site have for a long time been listed together with volunteers
on the admin page, but with the new program we wanted to make a clear separation
between their roles, so a new location is being planned at the moment for public-facing
BrickLink staff members.
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Apr 29, 2020 18:25
 Subject: Changes to Order Status (XP Beta Launch)
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 Topic: Administrative
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As a part of the XP Beta release, the following changes to the order status
feature have now been applied. Help Pages will be updated in the coming days.

1. Order status change is now subject to more restrictions (e.g. sellers
are no longer able to update order status when order is in completed status).

2. Order completion:

— When seller sets order as completed, it becomes "Awaiting completion" status
and it won't be finalized until it gets purged or confirmed by the buyer
on XP. It shows as completed on BrickLink Classic

— When buyer sets order as completed, it becomes "Finalizing completion" status
and it will be finalized after 1 week of setting the status.

3. NPB

— NPB fileable date is now based on the last invoice date (previously order

— NPB is only fileable in Pending, Processing, Updated, Ready, Packed (and not
paid) status.

4. NSS

— NSS fileable date is now based on either the last payment date or last invoice
date (previously order date).

— NSS is only fileable in Paid, Packed (and paid), Shipped, Received, Awaiting
completion, Finalizing completion status.

5. OCR and Order Cancellation

— If OCR is filed in received with issue status, the order can be canceled after
the buyer accepts the OCR.

— When seller finds missing items from order, a) before payment: file OIRR,
b) after payment: do a full refund and change the status to Packed and then file

— When seller wants to cancel the order after payment, do a full refund and
change the status to Packed and cancel the order. This must be communicated to
the buyer beforehand.

6. Removing OCR/NSS/NRS/NPB

— Removing OCR/NSS/NRS now set order status back to previous order status (previously
it was reset to Pending).

— Removing NPB/NPX now set order status back to Ready status.

7. Invoice

— Sending invoice automatically changes order status to Ready

— Sellers can send invoice only for orders in Pending, Processing, Updated status.

— Invoice button in order received column is only displayed when order is in
Pending, Processing, Updated status.

8. Problem Order Item

— Pending OIRR now expires after 7 days of filing


NPB = Non-Paying Buyer Alert

NPX = Non-Paying Buyer Accepted Penalty

NSS = Non-Shipping Seller Alert

NRS = Non-Responding Seller Alert

OCR = Order Cancellation Request

OIRR = Order Item Removal Request
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Mar 25, 2020 21:40
 Subject: COVID-19 Update
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 Topic: Administrative
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Dear BrickLink community,

We’re all affected to one degree or another by COVID-19, so we’d like to
share how we are facing the challenges of this pandemic and how we think this
may affect your BrickLink activity.

First, we want to reassure you of our commitment to you as a community. Even
though we are dealing with the challenges of working remotely and the delays
that inevitably arise from the safety measures that have been put in place, we
are striving to stay on target with our goals for this year.

One of our goals is to improve site performance so that you can depend on BrickLink
to be up and running smoothly when you need it the most. During this time of
many uncertainties, we want you to be able to count on BrickLink being stable
and have a frustration-free experience. Please check the Forum for progress updates.

Second, we’d like to report that sales are stable during this period, and we
have no reason to believe they won’t continue to be. The number of stores that
have closed is, apparently, being balanced out by those who are looking for a
few more LEGO® bricks to help spice up their extended stays at home.

As much as we want our marketplace to succeed, we would ask that if you are required
by local laws to stop working, please do so. This is not only the responsible
thing to do, but obeying local laws is an obligation according to our Terms of

Finally, as a community-driven site, we are concerned about the health and well-being
of all our members. To this end, we have the following recommendations for this
time of crisis:

- Whenever you receive an order from a BrickLink seller, leave it in the package
several days before opening it. This should completely nullify the chances of
you getting sick from a BrickLink order.

- Exhibit a greater degree of patience with other BrickLink members, whether
they be buyers, sellers, community admins, or folks you interact with in the

- Take time to build something. The joy of building is what started this whole
community known as BrickLink, and it can perhaps provide a little distraction
from the news stories and empty streets.

Thank you,

The BrickLink Team
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Mar 12, 2020 18:23
 Subject: Site Performance Issues - Update (Mar 12)
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 Topic: Administrative
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In light of this message and its positive reception:


we would like to keep you informed about our progress with the site’s performance
issues. Recently we moved one of the slowest pages to a special server. The purpose
of this was to isolate problems so they could be studied and managed more easily.
This server is also faster, though we don’t know how much of a noticeable difference
that will make.

The page we have moved is the Store Inventory Detail page:


If you notice any strange behavior on this page, please report it to us. We plan
to take the same action with other pages if this is successful.
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Feb 25, 2020 16:44
 Subject: Site Performance Issues
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 Topic: Administrative
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In response to your feedback from the recent AMA session, we decided to do a
special study of the site’s performance and begin a formal project with the goal
of making a noticeable and quantifiable improvement. Performance issues are always
a top priority in our day-to-day maintenance of the site, but this project intends
to go beyond the daily fixes and tuning and deal with the problem at a root level.

This project has already been underway for a couple of weeks, and during that
time, we have outlined a multi-faceted approach that we will implement piece
by piece over the following months. We have set up monitoring systems and determined
that the first big step will be to rewrite three “ASP” pages which are currently
causing the most issues.

For those unfamiliar with the lingo, “ASP” is the original code language that
Dan Jezek used to write BrickLink. It is sometimes referred to pejoratively in
the BrickLink Forum as “spaghetti code.” But whatever you may call it, there
are major portions of the site that still use ASP pages, and this is a big part
of the performance problem.

The three ASP pages that will be rewritten are:

1. The Store inventory Detail page:


2. The Set Partout Verify page:


3. The Catalog List page, in its many forms:


We want to be clear that rewriting these three pages is not going to solve all
of the performance issues. Much of the problem lies with the ASP pages taken
together as whole. This can produce a situation where part of the site is down
or slow, and other newer parts of the site are up and running. Hence the large
number of cases where some users can’t get anything done at all while others
barely notice any slowness.

Another factor that has affected performance is that the site is being used by
more people than ever before. Since the news of the acquisition, activity levels
on the site have spiked, and sales figures are at record highs. This is a good
problem to have, but it’s still a problem. To solve this, we have recently doubled
what we spend on servers and are planning to invest even more in the near future.

As we move along, we will announce progress and other steps we are taking in
regards to this project.

Thank you, Donna, for providing a very level-headed and accurate assessment of
the problem yesterday. It’s refreshing to hear something this positive and
encouraging from the community:


And thanks to user todd3ponds for his earlier posts. They read like a transcript
of the initial project session where our technical director outlined the nature
of the problem and our planned course of action:



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