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View Thread Who's Who? - dcarmine (5856)9 Rpl
Sorry about this in the forum, but I am too curious to try and find someone individually who knows. I'm trying to make connections of people I see on different LEGO related [...]
(3 months ago, Jan 6, 2020, to Off Topic)
View Thread Brick Seller and Brick Owl Integration - OurBricks (8080)6 Rpl
With the anouncement that BrickSync (a software app that keeps your BrickLink inventory in sync with your Brick Owl inventory) is now open source and will no longer be [...]
(3 months ago, Jan 4, 2020, to Related Software)
View Thread Hello TLG! - SezaR (288)1 Rpl
Hello TLG, Happy new year 2020! I thought we would hear from you on the first day of the year, as I assume the transaction is expected to be already closed. Since we did not [...]
(3 months ago, Jan 1, 2020, to Off Topic)
View Thread HAPPY NEW YEAR !! - EnchantedBricks (74)0 Rpl
Happy New Year Bricklinkers !! Hope everyone has a Great New Year Filled with Tons of LEGO !!!
(3 months ago, Jan 1, 2020, to Off Topic)
View Thread Bricklink Discord - WutsMyName3 (190)0 Rpl
I made a bricklink discord server about a month ago. There are 40+ members and lots of bricklink sellers. There are many different text and voice chat channels for everything [...]
(3 months ago, Dec 31, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Violet brick/ highest feedback on the site - Thegreatcaleb (50)1 Rpl
I saw on the help page that a user with over 50'000 feedback would get a violet brick, does anyone have one of those? and if not who has the highest feedback, just curious
(3 months ago, Dec 29, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread BT broadband speeds help - Stuart9 (572)3 Rpl
Currently getting these results according to an online checker : Ping 1333 D/load 2.76Mb/s U/load 0.22Mb/s How do these compare with what I should be getting ? Typically having [...]
(3 months ago, Dec 25, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread A Christmas Message ! - EnchantedBricks (74)0 Rpl
Just wanted to share a Little Christmas Humor !
(3 months ago, Dec 23, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Trying to become a Lego expert! - ScottH409 (0)0 Rpl
Hi everyone! I've been an amateur in the Lego world for a while, but have stepped up my game in recent months as I try to make a living in the Lego space. I've got a [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 18, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Brickstock registration - Brick_Dungeon (124)6 Rpl
Anybody who register Brickstock commercial version recently? Does it take long time? I paid three days ago, but I can't receive registration key. No mail from Brickstock in [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 17, 2019, to Related Software)
View Thread How can I download Brickstock? - zeldabricks (2169)1 Rpl
I can't connect to brickstock.patrickbrans.com to get Brickstock. How can I download Brickstock?
(4 months ago, Dec 16, 2019, to Related Software)
View Thread Do the Right Thing - legoman77 (3620)3 Rpl
Danny Aiello (1933–2019) died yesterday. One of my favorite movies is Do the Right Thing. Sorry to see him go. John P
(4 months ago, Dec 14, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Brickstock not Exporting Pricing to XLS - CrystalLakeBrix (137)2 Rpl
Hello All, I have been using Brickstock for a long time and this is the first time I have run into an issue. When I am exporing my list to upload to my Bricklink store it is [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 12, 2019, to Related Software)
View Thread nostalgia Petula Clark - legoman77 (3620)4 Rpl
I heard a song today by Petula Clark. So when I got home I looked her up. How people change with age. When I was in Basic Training in the ary I had a record player and two [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 12, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread FedEx delivery is awful. - wahiggin (2091)3 Rpl
This week they are 0 for 6 on deliveries so far. 1 delivery ended up 3 houses away 1 delivery on a different street and the family called me 1 package damaged and returned to [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 10, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread The march of the clones - cosmicray (2939)2 Rpl
This isn't about the Clone Wars from Star Wars, it's about the clone manufacturers in China. I was curious about the source for those 16x16 plates that Dollar Tree has [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 10, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Charlie X - legoman77 (3620)0 Rpl
A death this week that I forgot to post. Robert Walker (actor, born 1940). He was the young boy in Star Trek original series who played Charlie X. John P
(4 months ago, Dec 7, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Unbelievable! Submitted 999 inventory changes - SezaR (288)20 Rpl
About two years ago, I submitted few inventory change requests. It all started with this:: (URL) Then I thought there would be few more inventory changes I can request. Well [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 7, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread cute cartoon pin - legoman77 (3620)10 Rpl
I collect Simpsons things now. I thought that this was a very cute pin. John P
(4 months ago, Dec 6, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread D.C. Fontana - legoman77 (3620)2 Rpl
"Dorothy Catherine Fontana, a writer on the original Star Trek series, has died. She was 80 years old." She also wrote for a lot of other series here and there. Used her initials [...]
(4 months ago, Dec 4, 2019, to Off Topic)

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