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 Author: Brickitty View Messages Posted By Brickitty
 Posted: Mar 19, 2021 14:50
 Subject: Part 53588pb01
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 Topic: Catalog Requests
 For:Catalog Associate
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Hey catmins --

I believe part 53588pb01 never came in Dark Gray, and only exists in Dark Bluish
Gray. Evidence:

1) All 4 sets where it's listed as Dark Gray were from 2006, after production
ceased on Dark Gray, and none of those sets have another Dark Gray piece whilst
3 of them feature multiple other parts in Dark Bluish Gray.

2) I recently parted out a bulk lot of mostly Bionicle sets, which featured 8892,
8893, and 8894. Most of the parts from those sets were present (including the
rare and expensive Dark Blue pieces from 8893, yay), including exactly 5 of 53588pb01
as expected from those sets. All 5 parts look Dark Bluish Gray to me, although
the marbling and non-ABS plastic make it a bit harder to tell.

3) The parts I have from 8892, 8893, and 8894 match the copy of 53588pb01 that
came sealed in my copy of 7739.

4) I tried to order multiple copies of this part in Dark Gray, but they all arrived
matching the Dark Bluish Gray copies.

5) The part isn't made from ABS but from a softer plastic, and slight color
variation from the regular shade of a color is known to occur with different

IMO, when the original inventories of the 4 2006 Bionicle sets were made, the
submitter mistook the color for Dark Gray. Given the evidence listed above, especially
given how all the rest of the dark gray-ish pieces in those sets are known to
be Dark Bluish Gray, I ask that the color be changed to Dark Bluish Gray for
the 4 Bionicle sets. I can make the requests myself if others agree.
 Author: Brickitty View Messages Posted By Brickitty
 Posted: Jul 1, 2020 20:38
 Subject: Part 2453 - inconsistency in timelines
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 Topic: Catalog Requests
 For:Inventories Administrator
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Part 2453 appears in two variants, 2453a Brick 1 x 1 x 5 - Blocked Open Stud
or Hollow Stud and 2453b Brick 1 x 1 x 5 - Solid Stud. There's also an entry
for 2453 Brick 1 x 1 x 5 (Undetermined Stud Type).

The inconsistency exists because 2453b didn't exist until 2009, and yet many
of the sets that include a 2453 Undetermined Stud Type in their Bricklink inventory
came out before 2009. Logically, since the solid-stud version didn't exist,
sets from 2008 and before must have had 2453a.

This inconsistency is hurting sellers who choose to specify the stud type in
their listings. Since so many sets include the Undetermined Stud Type in their
inventory, those part listings are selling at a much faster pace than the ones
with 2453a, likely because of people parting together old sets, many of them
valuable pre-color-change sets, using the Bricklink inventory.

And to offer -- I'm willing to submit the changes for each pre-2009 set
from 2453 to 2453a if I'm assured that the changes will be approved.