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All About The Brick - All things LEGO®
     [Clicks: 397]
Brick Architect - News and reviews with a focus on architecture, element storage, and more
     [Clicks: 52]
Brick Town Talk - Fans of Cafe Corner (10182)
     [Clicks: 3401]
BRICK TRICK BLOG - Design blog with photos of architectural and other LEGO sculptures.
     [Clicks: 929] - a LEGO Enthusiasts Blog
     [Clicks: 1184]
BrickHack - A LEGO selling, buying, and news source
     [Clicks: 575]
BrickPlayer - LEGO Mosaics, Sculptures & Other Projects
     [Clicks: 1241]
Brickplayer Plans - Custom LEGO Model Instructions - Chess Set, 10X Minifigs, More
     [Clicks: 895]
Bricks and Books - Bricks & Books a Lego and Discworld Blog and Fansite
     [Clicks: 1297]
Bricks McGee - LEGO blog featuring LEGO show reviews and AFOL interviews
     [Clicks: 298]
Bricks of the Dead - A LEGO Webcomic about life, death, love and zombies
     [Clicks: 1763]
Collecy - Build, share and connect with toy enthusiasts.
     [Clicks: 423]
Custom Minifig - A site dedicated to custom minifigs with a forum and photos daily updates
     [Clicks: 1544]
Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Blog - See the newest spotlights from the Eurobricks Star Wars forum here!
     [Clicks: 4584]
GiancasStud - Giancass Lego Creations
     [Clicks: 395]
Groove Bricks - The Ultimate LEGO® News Source!
     [Clicks: 1574]
Hoth Bricks - French LUG - Community gathered around LEGO Star Wars news
     [Clicks: 1844]
Klasbricks - Duplo and Wiki blog
     [Clicks: 1096]
Klocki Lego dla doroslych - Polish LEGO blog
     [Clicks: 1137]
LEGO Art & Creations - Group of lego lovers in
     [Clicks: 325]
Lego Educational Resource - Resource for educators to bring Lego into the classroom
     [Clicks: 736]
LegOficina dos Baixinhos - The webpage of a couple of Portuguese AFOLs
     [Clicks: 1237]
LEGO-X - A website that has podcasts, news about LEGO Technic, Mindstorms, and more!
     [Clicks: 646]
Little Coloured Bricks - A LEGO lovers blog
     [Clicks: 706]
L-Space - Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld in LEGO
     [Clicks: 491]
Mania Por Los Lego - Sitio en Español para todos los fans de América Latina y el Mundo.
     [Clicks: 1494]
MicroBricks - Microscale LEGO creations
     [Clicks: 815]
Mindstorms - Dt. Blog - Deutscher Blog about/über Mindstorms EV3 31313
     [Clicks: 630]
Minifigures - A blog about my collection of minifigures
     [Clicks: 1846]
modelingblogdaily - Videos and details of Lego sets
     [Clicks: 472]
New Elementary - Site about new LEGO parts: sets they come in, techniques & MOCs using them
     [Clicks: 67]
Simon and Griffin's Lego Blog - My kids blog documenting their Lego exploits.
     [Clicks: 486]
Technic Delicatessen - Technic news, mocs and curiosities (IN ENGLISH)
     [Clicks: 2558]
TechnicBRICKs - The amazing world of LEGO® Technic constructions
     [Clicks: 4705]
The Brick Fan - LEGO news, reviews and discussion
     [Clicks: 1560]
The Brothers Brick - LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO
     [Clicks: 47713]
The Lego Den - A BLOG entirely dedicated to LEGO
     [Clicks: 567]
The NXT Step Blog - A Popular Blog about LEGO Mindstorms NXT
     [Clicks: 1144]
TheBrickBlogger - Tips & Tricks with LEGO Bricks!
     [Clicks: 2911]
Towering Brick Creations - Showcasing highly accurate LEGO models of skyscrapers and more ...
     [Clicks: 78]
White Rock Bricks Blog - Will's Custom Lego Creations
     [Clicks: 552] - - Large collection & Reference - Lego Minitalia, System, Years '50 - '80
     [Clicks: 930]
ZZYZX BRYXX BLOG - Ramblings, Anecdotes, Pics and MOC's of an AFOL
     [Clicks: 798]
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