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brick nara (브릭나라) - Lego Community in Korea (naver)
     [Clicks: 900]
Brickapalooza - Tons of bricks, tons of fun
     [Clicks: 1675]
Brickenburg Cluj - Classic Town and Train exibitions & various LEGO related activities
     [Clicks: 844]
BrickPirate - French FORUM
     [Clicks: 2054]
BRICKS Stack Exchange - A Stack Exchange site for LEGO® and building block enthusiasts
     [Clicks: 990]
bricks world (브릭스월드) - Lego Community in Korea (daum)
     [Clicks: 1175]
BricksInMotion - Lego Stop Motion Animation Community, the best one on the web !
     [Clicks: 1043]
Bricksmal - Malaysia's Online LEGO Community
     [Clicks: 1026]
BrickTechnic - forum et Lug Lego Technic
     [Clicks: 4625]
BrikAge - General LEGO discussion website
     [Clicks: 1801]
BZPower - BIONICLE News, Reference and Discussion
     [Clicks: 14402]
Classic Castle - A great castle resource with an active community
     [Clicks: 36405]
Classic Pirates - Uniting Pirate LEGO fans all over the world
     [Clicks: 3584]
Classic Space - The place on the web for all things LEGO space
     [Clicks: 13703]
Comunidade 0937 - Portuguese LEGO Community
     [Clicks: 1397]
CUUSOO-BRICK - Recommend and share brick projects that are not commercialized.
     [Clicks: 742]
Doktor Brick - Deutschsprachige Ü-18 Community
     [Clicks: 4255]
Dutch Moonbase - Moonbase and Space from the Lowlands
     [Clicks: 718]
EuroBricks - The European LEGO Fans Community
     [Clicks: 48421]
EuroLUG - A European LEGO(R) users group for internationally very active AFOLs
     [Clicks: 485]
ForbiddenCove - The source for all your LEGO Pirate Needs
     [Clicks: 8504]
From Bricks To Bothans - The LEGO Star Wars Experience
     [Clicks: 56818]
Galaxie der Steine - German Moonbase and Space community
     [Clicks: 2191]
HispaBrick Magazine - Hispabrick Magazine® is an open and free journal for LEGO® enthusiasts.
     [Clicks: 946]
JLSK - JOJO LEGOLAND union competition - A project for unique LEGO ideas and your own towns
     [Clicks: 306]
K.M.F.L. - Klub Mlodych Fanow LEGO
     [Clicks: 935]
Kocke Klub - Kjer vsaka kocka svojo lego najde
     [Clicks: 1439]
LEGO - Pockyland - A Lego community in Taiwan
     [Clicks: 1628]
LEGO and More LEGO - LEGO and more LEGO Forum
     [Clicks: 630]
LEGO Philippines Bricksters - Filipino Group Community For LEGO
     [Clicks: 926]
LUGNET - International Fan-Created LEGO Users Group Network
     [Clicks: 362052]
Mask of destiny - Bionicle fan site
     [Clicks: 1824]
Outside the Brick Forums - Discussion Forum
     [Clicks: 665]
Planet GBC - Lego Great Ball Contraptions (GBC)
     [Clicks: 534]
Rock Raiders United - A website and community dedicated to the PC game and theme set.
     [Clicks: 2186]
RomaBrick - Un mondo di mattoncini
     [Clicks: 1903]
Russian LEGO Fan-Forum (RFFL) - Popular Russian LEGO forum.
     [Clicks: 1782]
Serbia's lego forum - all about lego in serbia
     [Clicks: 1247]
SweBrick - Forum
     [Clicks: 2258]
TechLUG - The French LUG about Lego Technic and Star Wars UCS
     [Clicks: 3230]
The Bloks Forum - An Online Haven for Fans of construction toys, LEGO and non-LEGO alike
     [Clicks: 1455]
The Mahri Nui Board - Bionicle Discussion Board
     [Clicks: 692]
TRLUG - Turkey's LEGO User Group
     [Clicks: 136]
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