Community Expert Program

The BrickLink Community Expert Program was initiated in early 2020 to replace an existing volunteer program which started with the appointment of a single Catalog Administrator in 2001. The current program involves over a dozen individuals covering several different areas of site activity.


Are Community Experts assigned to do certain tasks in their area?

Yes. Each Community Expert signs an agreement with the site to perform specific tasks in their area of appointment.

Do Community Experts get paid for their support to the site?

Community Experts are not considered employees of BrickLink. However, they do receive certain rewards as a token of gratitude. For some, this may include payment for a limited number of hours per week, and their relationship to BrickLink would best be described as that of an independent contractor.

How much time would I have to allocate to a Community Expert position?

This depends on the position you would hold. Certain positions, such as Catalog Administrator, could take up to several hours per week depending on the time of year. Other positions may require lower levels of support.

Who is currently participating in the program?

A complete list of current Community Experts, along with some profile information and brief descriptions of the positions, may be found here.

How do I become a Community Expert?

BrickLink members may offer to join the program via the Help Desk or they may be approached directly by the site administration.