Volunteer Administrative Positions

BrickLink utilizes volunteers to handle part of the workload that the site requires to maintain itself. The volunteer positions are in areas that are either community oriented, non-commercial or at least not directly commercial and which are assumed to be fun.

Am I assigned tasks to do as a volunteer admin in my area?

Not by the site admin who does not require you to do anything directly or ask you to do something directly. You might be assigned action items (requests) by other members submitted primarily in the discussion forum and through web forms depending on your position.

Do Volunteers get paid for their work on the site?

No. BrickLink does not make nearly enough money to be able to compensate ALL the effort that goes into and has ever gone into building and maintaining the site. This includes the effort to admin an area, the effort of contributors to supply reference and other information and the effort of compiling that information. In the AFOL community, this effort is usually taken as fun and not unpleasant work. Since BrickLink is also a commercial venue, a low fee is given to sellers as a form of compensation in return. In the end both the community and commercial oriented members can coexist and prosper together.

How much work do I have to do as a volunteer admin?

There is no requirement for you to do anything at all although if you do not do anything for a long period of time, you may be removed from your position. You can do as much or as little as you want and as often as you want. In some areas such as approving new items and inventories added to the reference catalog, there should be a turnaround of several days therefore there are usually several members admining one area.

How do I Volunteer?

  • Translated Help Editor - Contact the Help Desk if you are interested in translating help topics to another language. If you would like to translate to a language that is not listed, we will have to send you several phrases to be translated first before the new help center can be created.

  • Discussions Moderator - BrickLink Administrators recruit new moderators.

  • (All Other Positions) - We might post a message in the Discussion Forum when help is needed and members can volunteer by replying to the message or contacting the Help Desk.

Only members who are sellers (not buyers only) can have their user type upgraded to any of the positions.