Payment for Order

Click on the Store Terms tab while in a store to see the payment methods accepted by that store. You will select the payment method you want to use at checkout. To change the payment method after submitting the order, you will need to contact the seller. Many sellers use Instant Checkout, which requires immediate payment at checkout.

Alternatively, some sellers may choose to send an invoice for the order. The invoice will include instructions on how to pay for the order. This invoice is sent to the buyer’s email and also appears in BrickLink messages. Buyers should not send payment prior to receiving an invoice because the total amount due for the order is not yet complete.

Onsite Payment
Onsite payment may be made using PayPal or Stripe if the store has enabled this feature. Click the Pay link in your invoice or on the Orders Placed page and then enter your payment information.

Visit our Onsite Payment Troubleshooting page if you experience difficulties with onsite payment.

Orders Imported into the EU or US
Orders imported into the European Union (EU) or the United States (US) must not be paid directly to the seller’s PayPal email address offsite. For orders not imported into these areas, offsite payment through PayPal is acceptable. However, buyers should verify the correct payment email address with the seller. The seller’s PayPal email address may be different than the email registered with BrickLink.