Super Lots

A seller can bind 2 or more lots in their inventory together into a super lot. The buyer will then be able to only buy the items together by buying a selected quantity of the whole super lot. Inventory items bound to a super lot are called child items. The quantity of each child item is not decreased when the super lot is bought but instead the quantity of the super lot is decreased.


Super Lot Qty 10
Child Lot: Window Qty 1
Child Lot: Window Pane Qty 2

By buying qty 2 of the super lot, the buyer will buy 2 windows and 4 window panes. The super lot contains a total of 30 items - 10 windows and 20 window panes.

Adding a New Super Lot:
New super lots can be added on the Bind My Inventory Items Into Super Lots page. Enter the lot ID of each inventory item you want to be bound to the super lot as the child lot ID. Enter the quantity of the super lot and a new quantity of the child lots. For example if you are adding a super lot containing 5 windows and 10 window panes and want the buyer to buy 2 panes with every window, enter super lot quantity 5 and child lot quantity 1 for the window and 2 for the window pane. Some item for sale options need to always be the same on all child items bound to a super lot:
  • Stockroom
  • Retain
  • Reserved for Private Sale
These attributes are specified at the super lot level and not on each child item level. When adding child lots to an existing super lot, the new child lots will automatically inherit all of these options from the items already bound to the super lot.
Editing Existing Super Lot:
You can edit your existing super lots on the My Inventory By Super Lot Type page. To remove individual items from a super lot, check the Unbind checkbox by each lot that you want to be removed from the super lot. When a child item is unbound from a super lot, the child item quantity is multiplied by the super lot quantity and the child item is returned to the seller's inventory as a single item not bound to any super lot.