Store Display Settings

To change your store's display settings, visit the Display tab in My Store Settings.
During the seller registration process, you will be asked to pick a name that your store will be called. It will appear as a link on our store list page. Pick a meaningful name that best describes the items in your store - for example if the majority of parts you are going to sell are Technic, include the name "Technic" somewhere in the store name.

Store names are limited to 26 characters. The word "LEGO" is not allowed in store names. Imitation of the word LEGO such as replacing one or more characters, putting special characters in between the letters, etc. is also not acceptable.

Sellers can enter a store slogan that will be displayed below their store name. Slogans can be an additional short description of the store or can be used to provide information regarding a current sale, for example.
Store slogans are limited to 50 characters.

You can upload a store logo that visually represents your store. It will be displayed next to your store name and slogan. Recommended size: 72*72px. Required format: jpg, png.

Store Landing
You can decide which page to show buyers upon entering your store. By default, Featured groups is selected; however, if you have yet to select any items to feature the All Item view of the Shop tab will be displayed.

Landing Page Options:

  • Featured groups - show off some new, cool, or rare items that are available in your store. See the Featured Groups section below for more information.
  • Terms - let buyers view your store terms (order processing timeframe, payment terms, any additional fees, etc.) as well as available shipping and payment options.
  • Splash page - let buyers know about your store and what makes it unique.

Featured Groups
Sellers can create multiple groups of inventory items, called Featured Groups, to showcase on their landing page.

Group Name - enter a name for each featured group (e.g. My Favorite Sets, Last Chance Items, etc.). If a name is not entered for a group, it will be named "Featured Group" by default.

Description - enter a short description for each featured group. When a description is not entered, it will say "Check out items available in my store!" by default.

Newest Items - sellers can select new store items to be showcased underneath their Featured Groups. New items are separated by type (part, set, minifigure, etc.) so that each type of item can be included or excluded from Featured Groups depending on the seller's preference.