Stockroom Items

Stockroom items are items in your inventory which are not available for sale, do not appear in searches and appear only in your inventory. This is useful in cases where you want to have only a portion of your inventory unavailable without having to close your whole store.
Stockroom Items as Applicable to:
  • Wanted List Notifications - If you add a new item into your inventory as a stockroom item and later make it available by changing the stockroom option from Yes to No, wanted notifications are not sent out automatically. They must be sent out manually.

  • Reserved Items - If you attempt to Reserve an item and move it to stockroom in the same update then the item will be reserved and will not be moved into stockroom. Stockroom items can't be reserved and vice-versa.

  • Lots with Zero Quantity - If an item is sold out and set to be retained in your inventory as a quantity 0 item, the item is moved into your stockroom. Lots with zero quantity can't be moved out of your stockroom until you increase the quantity of the item.
Multiple Stockrooms:
Sellers have an option to enable multiple stockrooms (A, B and C) in their Store Settings. When enabled, items can be added to either stockroom in all areas where it is possible to add an item to stockroom. Items can also be moved between stockrooms on the My Inventory summary and detail screens.

An item does not remember its previous stockroom location (A, B or C) when it is moved out of stockroom and made available. When an item is sold out and moved to stockroom, it is always moved to stockroom A.