Reserved Items for Private Sale

Sellers have the option to reserve an item in their inventory for a specific member they select. These lots are called reserved lots and show only to the member who they are reserved for.
If there are items reserved for you, a link will show in the "My Activity" section of your MyBrickLink page. Click on the link to view a list of stores who have reserved items for you and from there, click on a store to view the items reserved for you.

Reserved items are not shown while browsing a store unless you either enter the store through the link on your MyBrickLink page or click on the "Show All Items Reserved for Me" link in the left store menu.

Wanted notifications are sent only to the member for which the item is reserved if the member has that item on their wanted list. Click on the link to view the item in the seller's store.

  • Reserving an item when listing a new item for sale:

    • Sell Item, Part Set - enter the username of the member in the "Reserved For" box.
    • Mass Upload - enter the username of the member in the BUYERUSERNAME tag.

  • Find Reserved Lots - Select search option "Reserved for Private Sale" in My Inventory.
  • Reserve an existing item in your inventory - Enter the username in the "Reserved For" box by each item.
  • Unreserve an existing item in your inventory - Clear the "Reserved For" text box and hit the submit button.
  • Cancelled orders - All items are returned back to your inventory unreserved by default.
  • 0 Quantity items - You can't reserve an item with 0 quantity if you do not increase the quantity in the same update.
  • When sold out - If you specified for the item to be Retained in your inventory, the item is unreserved once it is sold out.