Additional Wanted Lists

By default, you have one wanted list called: Main Wanted List. You can also add additional wanted lists (there is no limit).
Adding Additional Wanted Lists:
My Wanted List screen is divided into 2 sections:
  • Left section - Lists items by category or color that you have in your wanted list(s).
  • Right section - Allows you to add a wanted list. Select unique names for your additional wanted lists. If you have 1 or more additional wanted lists then a list of all your wanted lists including your main wanted list is shown along with counts of items in those wanted lists. You can rename your additional wanted lists here at any time.
Browsing and Editing Wanted Lists:
By default, items in all your wanted lists combined are shown wherever you can browse or edit items in your wanted list(s). To view items in a particular wanted list, select the wanted list name from a drop-down textbox in the top search/filter area (located under the navigation bar) of that page. This menu to filter by wanted list appears if you have 1 or more additional wanted list(s) created.
Deleting Wanted Lists:
You can delete your additional wanted list(s) on your My Wanted List Screen. Deleting an additional wanted list will also delete all items in that wanted list.
Adding Items to your Wanted Lists:
  • Add Item to My Wanted List - A drop-down box of your wanted lists will be displayed from which you can select to which wanted list you want to add that item. After an item is added, a link to add more items to that wanted list will appear.
  • Wanted List Mass Upload - Read Help on Wanted List Mass Upload for more info. If no wanted list is specified then those items will be uploaded into your main wanted list.