Confirming Accuracy of Set Inventories

It is not guaranteed that an inventory of a Set on BrickLink is 100% correct after it is approved because no one owns each set ever released. In order to get as close as possible to achieving 100% accuracy of a Set inventory, BrickLink has a verification procedure where members can confirm accuracy of a Set inventory.
Who can Confirm Accuracy of a Set Inventory:
In order to be able to verify a Set inventory, you must be a registered Inventories Verifier.
How to become an Inventories Verifier:
Inventories Verifier status is granted by an Inventories Administrator to those who first submit a larger number of correct inventories to BrickLink and/or report a larger number of correct corrections to errors in existing inventories upon their request. To gain a status of an Inventories Verifier, please Contact Inventories Administrator. The status of an Inventories Verifier can be removed from a member by an administrator if excessive errors are found in several inventories after the member confirmed their accuracy. You can also view a List of all Inventories Verifiers.
How to confirm accuracy of a Set Inventory:
Click on a link on the bottom of a set Inventory page to go to a page where you can confirm accuracy of that inventory. There are a few steps that need to be taken before you can confirm accuracy of a Set:
  1. You must be a registered Inventories Verifier.
  2. Verify that the inventory of the Set is correct.
  3. If you found any errors in the inventory of the Set, please submit them to the Inventory Change Request form.
  4. Wait for the corrections in step 3 (if any) to be completed by an Inventories Administrator.
  5. When all is correct to the best of your knowledge, confirm accuracy of this inventory by clicking the "Confirm Accuracy of this Inventory" button on the inventory confirmation page. Your username will show on the bottom of the set inventory page stating you confirmed accuracy of the Set.
How to know that accuracy of a Set inventory has been confirmed:
On the bottom of the page for any given Set inventory below the credit of who supplied the inventory into the catalog, the usernames of the members (if any) who confirmed accuracy of that set show along with dates when the confirmations have been submitted.
Other Rules and Guidelines:
  1. Only Set Inventories can be confirmed (Not minifig inventories, etc.)
  2. You can't confirm accuracy of a set inventory which you supplied to the catalog in the first place.
  3. There is no limit to how many users can verify a Set inventory. Multiple verifications by different members are highly encouraged.
  4. You don't have to own a physical copy of the set but instead can verify an inventory from original instructions, box, picture, etc. Please specify the source when confirming an accuracy of a set inventory.