Confirming Accuracy of Set Inventories

BrickLink inventories are not guaranteed to be accurate. To get as close as possible to achieving 100% accuracy of set inventories, BrickLink has a verification procedure whereby members can confirm the accuracy of set inventories.
Who can confirm the accuracy of a set inventory?
To verify the accuracy of a set inventory, you must be a registered Inventories Verifier.
How to become an Inventories Verifier:
Inventories Verifier status is granted by an Inventories Administrator. To qualify, you must have submitted a large number of inventories or inventory change requests. To gain the status of registered Inventories Verifier, please Contact An Inventories Administrator.

The status of an Inventories Verifier can be removed from a member by an Inventories Administrator if excessive errors are found in several inventories after the member confirmed their accuracy. The status may also be removed if the member is inactive on the site for a lengthy period of time.

Click here to view a List of all Inventories Verifiers.

How to confirm accuracy of a set inventory:
There is a link at the bottom of every set inventory to confirm accuracy of that inventory. To confirm the accuracy of a set inventory:
  1. First, you must be a registered Inventories Verifier.
  2. Verify that the inventory of the set is correct.
  3. If you found any errors in the inventory of the set, please correct them with the Inventory Change Request form.
  4. Wait for the corrections in step 3 (if there are any) to be approved by an Inventories Administrator.
  5. When all is correct to the best of your knowledge, select the source you used to confirm the accuracy of the inventory on the inventory confirmation page (see this page for detailed information about sources). Then click the "Confirm Accuracy of this Set Inventory" button.
  6. Your username will immediately appear on the bottom of the set inventory page stating that you confirmed accuracy of the set. Inventory verifications do not need to be approved by an administrator.
Where to find inventory confirmations:
Inventory confirmations are found on the bottom of the page for any given set inventory below the credit for the member who created the original inventory. The usernames of the members (if any) who have confirmed accuracy of that set appear along with dates when confirmations were submitted.
Other rules and guidelines:
  1. Only set inventories can be confirmed. Inventories for minifigures, parts, etc. cannot be confirmed.
  2. You can't confirm the accuracy of a set inventory which you created.
  3. There is no limit to how many users can verify a set inventory. Multiple verifications from different members are highly encouraged.
  4. You don't have to own a physical copy of the set to verify its accuracy. Please specify the appropriate source when confirming an accuracy of a set inventory from other sources (instructions, for example).
  5. Verifications can be removed upon request, although this is not done without good cause. If you'd like your confirmation of a particular set inventory to be removed, then please contact an Inventories Administrator and provide the set number and reason why you need your verification removed from that set.