Item For Sale My Cost

The My Cost field allows sellers to track the costs of their items. This field is only viewable by a seller in their own inventory and in orders received. To use this field, the seller must first enable it in their Store Settings under Management and then scroll down to Store / Inventory Options.

When selling an item, enter the cost of each item in the cost field. If you do not enter no value, it will set the cost to $0.00. The cost is retained on the order when an item is sold and is shown on the seller's order detail page next to each item (if enabled in the seller's Order Settings and shown in the Orders Download for each item.

When Consolidating Lots, there are 3 options on consolidating the cost field:
  • Use Old Cost - System keeps old cost of item (including cases when the old cost is $0).
  • Use New Cost - System overwrites old cost with new cost entered.
  • Use By Qty Avg Cost - System calculates "by quantity average cost" based on the new and old cost and new and old quantity currently in the seller's inventory using the following formula:
    (((old cost * old qty) + (new cost * new qty)) divided by (new qty + old qty)).
  • Cannot be negative.