Items which Can't be Inventoried

Some items in the BrickLink catalog can not be inventoried and are flagged as such. These items do not appear on the Items Not Yet Inventoried page but instead appear on the Items which Can't be Inventoried page.

Examples are:
- items that are marked for deletion
- sets that contain a random assortment of parts
- minifigures that consist of only one part

The Cannot be Inventoried notification does not appear on the BrickLink catalog detail page of a minifigure when the entire category of minifigures that contains it is flagged as Cannot be Inventoried.

Besides the list of minifigures and sets, examples of gears that can't be inventoried are:
- glued models
- partly glued magnet sets

Exceptions can be made only if a glued model includes unique items like for example sticker sheets or decorated parts (used for that model only). In that case the glued model / glued compartments have to be part of the inventory.