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 Neutral  bb814604 (6)  Apr 25, 2019  10535970  Seller 
 Reply: ???
 Neutral  cyberx (539)  Oct 10, 2018  9937649  Seller 
 Bricks all fine but a model variation on an electric piece, coupon offered.
 Reply: We are so sorry for the mistake :-(
 Neutral  piratte (85)  Jun 26, 2018  9572267  Seller 
 Fast shipping, unfort. used parts partially with tooth tracks or heavy scratches
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong... We'll find a solutio
 Neutral  mrazjava (92)  Jun 8, 2018  9482769  Seller 
 fast shipping, all parts proper counts but 1 part broken, 1 part wrong color
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong... We'll find a solution
 Neutral  DoktorFreaky (53)  Apr 10, 2018  9245215  Seller 
 Reply: ???
 Neutral  Devinb (15)  Mar 15, 2018  8759043  Seller 
 Didnt have a part I ordered, did refund, shipping took 3 months
 Reply: We are so sorry for the delay but we have no influence on the canadian post
 Neutral  mppoulin (152)  Oct 12, 2017  8435213  Seller 
 Some parts extremely dirty/worn
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong... We'll find a solution
 Neutral  bb806511 (306)  Sep 13, 2017  8334462  Seller 
 Man hätte auch die Aufkleber entfernen können!!!! So etwas ist unakzeptabel
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong... We'll find a solution
 Neutral  bb754434 (1)  Sep 12, 2017  8194520  Seller 
 Prices & shipping are competitive. However 10% of bricks with dirts and loose
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong... We'll find a solution
 Neutral  Javakort (117)  Mar 6, 2017  7451614  Seller 
 Misssing meney bricks, was compensated but could be better. but i`ll be back any
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong... We'll find a solution
 Neutral  sirfredrick (532)  Feb 15, 2017  7410705  Seller 
 2nd order placed here both were lost had to go through paypal to get refund
 Reply: We are so sorry but both orders lost are very strange. Incorrect address?
 Neutral  ibiupu (794)  Feb 7, 2017  7513635  Seller 
 schneller Versand, Ware noch OK, Portokosten zu hoch
 Reply: Please write us a mail if everything went wrong...
 Neutral  EstebanBremen (77)  Jan 2, 2017  7328326  Seller 
 One item was missing, rest was fine
 Reply: We are so sorry. Missing item was refunded...
 Neutral  skanner30 (2)  Dec 31, 2016  7344749  Seller 
 arrived. had to remove transfers from doors and no glass in any of them???
 Reply: Please buy extra part 4183 for doors and use email for questions, not feedback..
 Neutral  eBricks (6063)  Dec 28, 2016  7278445  Seller 
 Fast shipment, but could have been shipped in an envelop instead of a box.
 Reply: Box is more safety. We don't understand this feedback ???
 Neutral  BLUSER_777272 (4)  Oct 11, 2016  7037196  Seller 
 One piece had a broken part, other than that all perfect.
 Reply: We are so sorry. Please send us an email and we will send a replacment.
 Neutral  Qbeat (73)  Jun 16, 2016  6661593  Seller 
 everything fine
 Reply: Neutral without comment. Please let us know what's going wrong...
 Neutral  bb633033 (9)  May 13, 2016  6518874  Seller 
 A few dirty bricks and some order hiccups, but friendly communication.
 Neutral  yourstar82 (49)  Mar 15, 2016  6103405  Seller 
 big issue with delivery not good comunict. i've to pay the resent
 Reply: We are so sorry but your address is incomplete. Please fix it.
 Neutral  bb667982 (18)  Jan 29, 2016  6052129  Seller 
 See you next time!
 Reply: Wished cancelation from buyer, so don't understand neutral feedback :-/
 Neutral  truckman (167)  Jan 21, 2016  5845463  Seller 
 Reply: No information by mail...
 Neutral  Holger_Grube (11)  Dec 1, 2015  5944538  Seller 
 leider fehlen 10 Teile
 Reply: Please tell us mistake by mail... :-(
 Neutral  Baard (594)  Sep 1, 2015  5628691  Seller 
 Only15 of 40 ordered windows were correct part.
 Neutral  proFeD (158)  Jun 17, 2015  5458431  Seller 
 Not satisfied in parts: not all original marked from LEGO!
 Reply: Please tell us mistakes by mail. No communication is not nice...
 Follow-Up: Mail sent ;-)
 Neutral  norris77 (47)  May 19, 2015  4982100  Seller 
 Neutral  BLUSER_393036 (19)  Apr 27, 2013  3530469  Seller 
 all fine, thx back ;)
 Neutral  rolaud (37)  Aug 7, 2005  399030  Seller 
 Wegen außergewöhnlicher Umstände nicht regulär wertbar - trotzdem Danke!
 Reply: Sorry wegen der Verzögerung. Ich war 3 Wochen im Krankenhaus.
 Neutral  brasletty (4562)  Jul 11, 2005  351864  Seller 
 order not complete and no refund
 Neutral  BLUSER_39797 (13)  Feb 17, 2005  296383  Seller 
 Good, 50% shipping, Bad, took a long time
 Reply: surface shipping need 4-8 weeks. use airmail.
 Neutral  Sgtduckus (7044)  Oct 8, 2004  279641  Seller 
 Thanks Sebastian.
 Reply: Why neutral? I want to give you a full refund for the damage part! But not you!
 Neutral  BLUSER_13800 (33)  Jul 27, 2004  254879  Seller 
 Good seller. good stuff.
 Reply: Good stuff? Okay! But why neutral? And why didn't you contact me??? :-(
 Neutral  Teup (5046)  Jul 16, 2004  255104  Seller 
 Most of it OK, but some parts are missing or in different color..
 Reply: Why didn't you tell me the mistakes? That's not fair. Also I'm only a human! :-(
 Neutral  BLUSER_27129 (28)  Jul 1, 2004  252448  Seller 
 Incomplete order, offered 25¢.
 Reply: She want a refund of $ 8 for a $ 0.25 Part. Hello???
 Neutral  rubenvanstraten (31)  Nov 9, 2003  172464  Seller 
 The pump did work but not realy good. Transaction further OK.
 Reply: Why didn't you tell me this mistake by eMail? That's not fair! :-(
 Neutral  michael-100 (131)  Mar 27, 2003  123830  Seller 
 This time not so good.2 weeks shipping time and one wrong part (no help on this)
 Neutral  sullis3 (377)  Oct 31, 2002  76060  Seller 
 Accomodated lost money order(+) Mislabeled items in shop & unanswered emails(-)

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