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 Complaint  MANATARO (54)  Oct 19, 2019  11564556  Seller 
 Claims a full refund for not receiving orders again and again. Scammer IMO!
 Complaint  PolS (1900)  Sep 27, 2019  11533182  Buyer 
 25% wrong parts, reply after 2 wks: sell the wrong parts yourself, NO refund
 Complaint  robschreuder (429)  Sep 23, 2019  11374920  Seller 
 Buyer refuses partial Refund for UNINSURED order, prefers giving negative FB
 Complaint (2043)  Jul 13, 2019  10766664  Buyer 
 Lost 51 euro on missing instructions & False VAT-id: FRAUDE!!
 Complaint  Odin80 (1913)  Jun 9, 2019  11069110  Buyer 
 Took an NSS to receive AGAIN an incomplete order and wrong parts! NEVER again!
 Reply: Never again because I stoplisted an unreasonable and unpleasant competitor.
 Follow-Up: you already made it very clear, you hate resellers! thanks for your revenge FB!
 Complaint  Omar_Azaabi (-3)  Apr 9, 2019  10919884  Seller 
 Cancels Paid ánd Packed Order! Lost PayPal Fee & Packing. WAIST
 Complaint  bonemotor (0)  Aug 7, 2018  9667865  Seller 
 NPB Completed! Promisses, Lies and Excuses, but no Payment!
 Complaint  Neytirixx (5)  Jun 10, 2018  9386212  Seller 
 Scammer! Received as Ordered, filed PP Claim, but refused to Return Order!
 Complaint  rmvoskamp (801)  May 20, 2018  9446714  Buyer 
 Spend HOURS for this super order, Seller CANCELED without any Communication!!
 Complaint  Limpensbricks (4328)  Nov 20, 2017  8392302  Buyer 
 Blames Buyer for his Mistakes, Big Mouth, Treats, calls me a Liar,Unprofessional
 Reply: trying to accuse us while everything arranged by us in a good way, very strange
 Follow-Up: A big Mouth,Treats,refund áfter NSS is NOT a Good Way! I deserved Respect!

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