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This contact form should in no way be used for soliciting purposes and conducting business either offering items for sale or requesting items to be sold that would circumvent submitting an order in a seller's store.
Message from Adjour: Common FAQ to save time :) Will you ship media mail? Yes if your order is only books, and you request it, choose manual invoice at checkout. Be sure to msg me or leave me a note with your order so I know. Keep in mind my base rate of $3.80 still applies and media mail is very slooooow. Can I have a discount/negotiate? Sorry no, see my terms section on pricing, it explains why. Can I get a shipping quote? YES, quotes are enabled, checkout like normal and hit quote instead of pay when prompted. I can also cancel UNPULLED orders if you click too far. Can I have a pic of an item? If appropriate, yes. Usually I'll mention on the listing to ask. Otherwise I will not send pics of sub $5 parts, I'm too busy. Sorry. Anything else? Hit send! I'll be happy to talk to you :)
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