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Hi & welcome to my page!

I have been and are a collector and that made me happen to create a Bricklink profile a long time ago, to complete some vintage sets I had and I did´nt really know how much you could do with Bricklink at that time and how much fun it could be! :)

Now I´m amazed by all fantastic designs in Bricklinks Designer program and have open my own Bricklink store (aug 2023 after a shorter testrun before). This have really hit home with me, and I hang out on Bricklink more than I ever expected!

As a bonus some of my customer have texted and welcomed me to the Lego community and that´s also a really unexpected thing happening! I did´nt know I was a AFOL (know I know! ;) Adult Fan Of Lego! Back in my teenage years my brothers got a lot of Lego and at that time I had them as "cover" for having fun with Lego, but now as an adult why bother? Life is to short for not having fun! :D


PS: Welcome to my Bricklink Store to Shop all bricks you need (almost! ;)

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