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Yaffle and The Creaking Loft

Nyah nyah nyah (with apologies to Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate). I have been known as Professor Yaffle since my early school days, mainly due to a close resemblence (can't see it myself...) and being a supposed font of all knowledge. I am not, however, well practiced as a bookend. Neither am I carved in wood.

I have been surrounded by Lego from an early age and got my first Technical Lego set on my 7th birthday in 1977 (851, with the original folded instructions - not now in pristine condtion). Minifigs appeared in 1978 and the family Lego Town took shape. When the big box of Lego was finally consigned to the loft in the 1990s my brother and I made a deal that the first to start a family would get the box. I got the box...

I then discovered Legoland Windsor and BrickLink with friends and family feeding the ever increasing collection. My wife wholeheartedly joined the obsession and we increased our children's inheritence to such a degree that the structural integrity of the house began to worry us. The loft did indeed begin to creak so we decided it was time for some of the collection to go. We decided that many of the rare colour bricks we owned should not lie forgotten in the darkness and The Creaking Loft is the result.

Any proceeds from The Loft is ploughed back into the Danish Bricks. I'm a member of the Brickish Association and have been making up various buildings and some modern UK trains which get exhibited now and then (see http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=professorYaffle). Of course, this has spurred on the children, with both knowing the way to Legoland Windsor rather well. Our home Lego Town will have to expand, but we keep explaining that we can't knock up St Paul's Cathedral in a weekend...

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