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I'm in need of lots of Sports fields pieces, 16x8 or 8x8 any color or design, no more than 10 cents a part, will buy in large quanities! I mainly deal in MISB Sets, but also have a collection of Good used Sets.
I also have a small ammount of used parts that are in great condition, I plan to list more soon!
I'm in need of Ribbed Hoses 7mm any color or size as long as they are 4 or more studs long. I would be glad to trade for store credit.
I'm also in major need of Light Gray Technic, Steering Pulley Large and would also trade for that also.
I'm also in need of large quanities of 8x16 or 8x8 soccer field pieces any color or design is fine, and would trade them for them too.

I'm also in major need of the new RC train axle wheels.
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