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Hi ...
My name is Dede Kurnia Kardiman, a proud father of 3 young kids: Kevin Kristian (10+), Kendrick Kristofer (7+), and Kaiden Kristensen (4+). I've been living in Batam since 1998, a small island in North West Indonesia, about one hour from our neighboring country, Singapore.

I love to play games, and lucky me, my wife, Veronica, loves it too. Since 2002, we have been collecting boardgames and the number has reached over 400 games now. And since 2008, I've been deeply involved in my other childhood games: LEGO bricks. So right now boardgames and LEGO have occupied almost all my free time ^_^

To find out more about us, please visit one of these links:

Happy bricking everyone ...

Warm Regards,
Dede Kurnia Kardiman

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