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Hi Everyone

I loved Lego when I was younger and I still have my Lego sets from when I was a kid. Vintage castle and Forestsmen were my favourites followed by anything vehicle related from the Legoland range.

I love collecting toys from my childhood, mainly vintage Star Wars from 1977 to 1983. I found that my love for toys isn't in mint boxed examples but in toys that I can see, hold, feel and genuinely appreciate as a toy not an ornament.

Collecting Star Wars led me to the Lego minifigures and playsets. I initially started buying used sets but soon started buying job lots and bundles. This triggered collecting all types of minifigure, which led to more job lots...until here I am today, still buying job lots, piecing together minifigures and sets to keep and passing the rest on via my bricklink store.

I started adding new parts initially after buying sets just for the minifigures. Now to offer more variety I've started parting out new sets as and when they come available.

Bricklink is a hobby that helps fund another hobby and it keeps me busy through the day.

Thanks for visiting my store, I'm always adding new items and I've always got a backlog so my inventory is always changing.

Hope to pack an order for you soon


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