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Originally the store was opened by my youngest son who used the site to buy pieces he needed and to sell any spare pieces to help fund his flying lessons( hence the store name). However now that all children have left home I run the store as a family business with the help of some part time mothers and students as it fits in nicely with running homes and children and study. We all try very hard and love the work but do sometimes makes mistakes. If there is a mistake we always respond. We are all slightly older and have found that 99.9% of users of Bricklink are polite and understand we are small businesses and do not have the delivery system of Amazon. However sometimes a very small minority of users start contact in very aggressive and threathening ways. When this happens I will point out the rudeness and aggression as I do not appreciate threats or rudeness, particularly to my team. This always results in this tiny minority leaving negative feedback but I can not ignore threats, rudeness or aggression be it towards waitresses, retail staff or anyonbe. There is no need. Hope you all appreciate that. Hope you enjoy our store Jennifer Plus Kate, Reine, George, Nicola and family
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