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I live in the tourist mecca of British Columbia. I have 34 years of fire fighting experience and 12 years with the Paramedic Academy of British Columbia. I have lived in Mexico, and served with different mission groups in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and other Hispanic countries, and also the Ukraine. My dream is to build a Lego town that will be open to the public but not the scope of size found at Legoland. I also love to build colourful exotic birds found in the warm countries of the world. I often build displays in malls, churches and public libraries, for the public to see and enjoy and then at the end of the year, those bricks are donated to kids in 3rd world countries, especially any orphan kids. I work through our local church with Kids Ministry and AWANA, and do try to help kids that have physical challenges, speech problems, or have a handicap. I am a physically disabled person myself, and so I do understand these hurdles better with the kids. If you would like to help out in this endeavor, please contact me. My name comes from an arm of the Shuswap Lake that we live on, that has many Sockeye Salmon that spawn in it in the fall.
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