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I have always loved Lego since I was a kid, but coming from a low income family it wasn't a toy I usually got. When I did get a set, I cherished it and tried to build as many things as I could with them including all the different models displayed on the back of the box. I used to sit for hours on end just building until my legs would go numb......lol! As I got older the love of them faded a bit but then I started collecting them once I was more well off and could afford them. I would buy sets off and on for a while but wasn't too hardcore into it. Then my son was born, which was just before the Lego Masters season 1 show came out and that got me back into Lego again, BIG TIME! I started buying and building like crazy. I loved it and I was hopeful that my son would enjoy building just like his dad. He actually has a few Duplo sets now and he loves them. During this time, I learned about Bricklink, I don't know if that was a good thing or bad thing. It's like a kid in a candy shop browsing through all the items on there. I'm sure we can all agree that this is an expensive hobby so I started thinking that maybe I should sell Lego to help pay for the sets that I really want. Like all the older sets I couldn't have as a child......the more expensive ones.........lol! So, I opened up Wilder's Bricks on 1 February 2021. It's been enjoyable interacting with other fellow brick lovers and helping others build memories one brick at a time.
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