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Favorite LEGO toys/themes: My favorite Lego theme is the Train series. I also like the Wild West and Pirate series.

My fascination with LEGO began... I've enjoyed playing with Lego since I was about 5 years old. We had one set and some miscellaneous blocks and that was about it. But they were my favorite toy.

I once built... a house for my hamsters. But I soon disassembled it when they started chewing on it!

Someday I will build... a replica of our small USA town!

LEGO is great because... you can build anything your imagination thinks of.

LEGO fans are great because... great minds think alike! (And the older ones don't make me feel foolish for still liking Lego at my age!) (Now I'm older, helping the younger! 😉)

My favorite Non-LEGO Toys: Jigsaw Puzzles

My favorite Hobbies & Interests: LEGO (of course), Building houses, remodeling, antiques, puzzles and too many other things.

My favorite Foods: Diet Coke

My favorite Movies & TV: I love classic movies and comedies. Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Abbott & Costello, Lucille Ball, All In the Family, The RED GREEN SHOW

My favorite Artists: Thomas Kinkade

My favorite Music: Big Band, Classical, Enya, 80's

My favorite Pets & Animals: I love all animals (mostly cats). I have a horse and two cats. 2020 - I now have a whole farm with cows, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, quail, and ducks!

Words which best describe me: Tried and true as the Red, White and Blue!

I love it when... I get a huge box of Lego in the mail and get to search through it and find all kinds of "treasures"!

I hate it when... stickers on Lego bricks are crooked or get fuzzies under them.

I can't seem to get enough... tan and brown Lego pieces.

I always seem to have enough... little round Lego "dot" pieces.

I hope I always... have enough money to support my great Lego habit.

I wish I could... buy all the Lego parts I need for my projects!

I could never... live without my Lego collection.

I hope I never... have my house start on fire and have to come home to a river of molten plastic running out my door!

I wish I hadn't... see comment below.

In my craziest moments... I dumped all of my Lego sets, that were neatly packaged in their own labled, plastic bags, (the boxes and instructions were all neatly stored) in HUGE piles and mixed them all up.

Believe it or not... I graduated from high school a year early.

If I were super-human... I would fly to the moon, and see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

More & Less: more Love, less Hate more Lego, less Tyco, Mega block and all the other Lego wanna-bes!

Rules I try to live by: Honor God in all you do. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Never abuse any Lego parts or animals. 😁

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