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Welcome to Maple Bricks!
These are some tidbits that might (or might not) be useful for fellow BrickLinkers. Do with it what you like, no guarantees though.
Sellers use a template to generate invoices. It usually shows some instructions to send a payment through Paypal. Here is a page that shows you how a seller can provide a link in their template that allows buyers to do a one-click Paypal payment.
Unfortunately the features currently available to sellers does not contain any inventory history tracking. We do this ourselves. Here is a graph of our inventory history over the last year.
Some LEGO parts are hard to find in the BL catalog. Here is a short list of a few common “offenders”.
I placed a few special order numbers on BL:
#5000000 - 20150109 at 01:39;
#6000000 - 20151211 at 16:19;
#7000000 - 20160921 at 11:59;
#7777777 - 20170405 at 01:25;
#8000000 - 20170603 at 05:52;
#8888888 - 20180116 at 21:08.
#9000000 - 20180207 at 22:03.
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