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We are a family of devoted LEGO-lovers who have so much fun playing with LEGOs ourselves that we want to spread the enjoyment!

When our son started getting Lego sets for birthdays and Christmas, we started to realize there is a whole Lego universe out there. We were hooked.

Probably just like you, the more Lego sets we collected, especially older ones, we had to look for those few unusual missing pieces to complete our sets. That's how we found the world of BrickLink. We were collecting so many sets, bricks and minifigs, that we decided to open QuickBricks.

We are still building the store. We have many pieces that we haven't had time to put in the store yet, and we're continuously getting new items. We have full-time jobs, and time with our children is a priority. But, there's always time to take care of our BrickLink customers with getting their bricks (and minifigs and sets and instructions and so on) really quick.

So welcome to the store and to our family. If you like what you see, shop QuickBricks. If you don't see something you want, ask us...we may have just what you need in our yet-to-be listed inventory.

Thanks for stopping by our store. Hope to hear from you soon! 2744956564

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