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Hi all!

Thank you for reading my ME page!

My father and brothers and I (1954-1985) are enormous fans of LEGO, which is the main reason we started the shop.
So we could buy more LEGO!

Our biggest interest is in Pirates and (Classic) Castle themes, but we also like many of the other themes.
We also collect the City, Train, (Classic) Space, Star Wars and Indiana Jones themes
As I said, HUGE! Lego fans here.

Here you can see the sets we currently own: My Sets

Regarding our shop:
We sell all kinds of parts that we do not immediately need for our own projects.
As said before, the shop functions to build capital to buy more Lego.

I am always willing to consider offers for sets, if the offer is reasonable I might just agree with it! ;-)

I am also willing to trade for parts or sets.(details to be discussed per case)
Look at my wanted list to see if you have any sets or minifigs that I want.
If you want to make an offer or suggest a trade, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Some of our projects that have been completed:

Our Flickr-photostream for the complete coverage


Modular Promenade

Christmas caroling:
Click here to see the complete Santa-setup


Postal Services Sorting Center (inspired by the 1982-1985 sets)
Original design:

Here it is build into one of our sceneries:

Our Flickr-photostream for the complete coverage

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