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My name is Adam and I have my son to thank for rekindling my interest in Lego. It was shopping for his 6th birthday (2012) that opened my eyes to the splendor of this "children's toy." We went on a spending spree collecting mostly Space sets, and I discovered Bricklink to be an invaluable resource in finding the missing piece, time and again. I am still in awe of this site: the fact that I can look up a part and find all the colors and sets in which it has ever been found still astounds me.

I am a stay-at-home dad in charge of homeschooling my little prodigy, caring for two Great Danes, and cleaning up after the four of us. In the meantime, I began selling on Bricklink to redistribute the parts and minifigs we did not need for our own building, doing what most would call "funding the hobby." My wife (the breadwinner since the birth of our son) has begun the process of completing a second degree, and the demands of working full time and going to school have become...demanding. To help her scale back her work load, pay for schooling and household expenses, and continue to buy enormous amounts of Lego, I have recently amped up my store from a side hobby to a potential home business. It is a wonderful and terrifying prospect. Thank you for reading, and wish us luck!

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