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Hi, I'm Trudy. I'm a 35+ yr collector/designer and specialize in the City theme. My city is large enough to take up a 32x19 room complete with modular downtown areas, airport with runways, trains throughout with a rail switching area, and a cargo shipping port that leads out to sea. I have a lot of custom builds, some big, some small. Some may have begun as an idea sparked by something I saw, or a place I traveled to, and then morphed into something incredible, like my Union Station. Right now, I'm working on a mountain, not quite sure how to tackle it, but I'm gathering parts. I do all this for fun, and to relieve stress from my career as a pharmacist. I just enjoy building, creating and designing, whether it's the Legos themselves, the tables I built to set them on, or the lights I installed under the tables for a whole other world beneath the surface. The few people who have seen the layout, are completely amazed at what I have hidden in my basement. The best part, is that my kids enjoy it too, and it's something we can all do together.
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