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Who is this "Lo Vaquero" Character?

Ninjago Lo Vaquero

My name is Rodney, and I am an AFOL. I do not ever plan to enter any kind of rehibilitation program to kick my Lego addiction. Ever! (Sorry honey)

Originally from potato country (Idaho), I now live in corn country (Iowa). I am a Computer Engineer by day, a bookworm by night and spend way too much time on Bricklink, Brickset, LUGNET, PEERON, EuroBrick, Shop.Lego.com, eBay... I work for John Deere where I play around building/testing/destroying autonomous farm equipment (tractors, combines, sprayers...) and GPS guidance systems. If you've ever seen a tractor driving itself through a field while the farmer reads a book, is watching a movie, playing video games or is sleeping...yup - I'm the one that makes that possible.

I still cannot believe that I get paid to do this stuff!

I am blessed with the wonderfullest, bestest, most awesomest wife on the planet! She also happens to be the hottest, sexiest and full-on most beautiful woman in the world. AND she tolerates my Lego addiction. What more could I ask for!? (NO - you cannot have her. So stop asking begging!)

I have 5 wonderful kids who all share my Lego passion to some degree (especially my youngest boy - the Star Wars Fanatic). Some days I want to sell them (the kids), other days I'd pay you to take them...I might even swap them for Legos from time-to-time, but I couldn't. They are great kids. I couldn't have asked for better.

Lego, Lego everywhere. Now where are all my Old Gray pieces!?

Ninjago Lo Vaquero

I've been buying on Bricklink since Jan 2009 and selling since Jan 2011. I mostly buy, but recently got into selling as well. It's another way to aquire all those Old Gray/Dark Gray pieces (Empress Momatine will NOT have the Imperial Fleet in Bley). The kids need to eat, the bank keeps insisting on a monthly donation for the house and the money tree in the backyard doesn't grow fruit as often as I would like it to. So this also funds my habit.

Star Wars is my current obsession. That makes my boys very happy, but not so much my wife. Yet, she has graciously agreed to let me build display cases in the basement...when we finish it. I think she secretly hopes that I will outgrow Lego by then. Nope, not gonna happen. =)

My first - and strangely only - Lego set as a kid was 8860-1: Car Chassis that was quickly upgraded with an electric motor and a bazillion parts packs. I moved on to Capsela, Erector sets, science and my Dark Age until THIS was released in 2000. That was it for me - I was christened an AFOL!

I now have all the SW UCS sets, all but the 2011 SW mini sets and I'm WELL on my way toward the other ~200 SW sets. Curse you Lego! (And George Lucas too!)

Star Wars Lo Vaquero

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