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...Greetings to all who take the time to read this. It has been almost 15 years now that my Dark Ages have subsided. It was with the release of the Star Wars line back in 1999 that I dusted off my old building cap and went about resuming my favorite hobby, Lego! Since then, my spare time (and money :)) has been devoted to building and amassing a collection that I could only dream about as a kid. Creator, City, Castle, Star Wars, I collect them all. The mass of my collection is the result of years of scouring the city in search of discount toys. Over the years, some of my collection has been traded, some given away and in the spring of '08, I opened my first store to begin to sell the excess that I no longer have room for. ...Happy Hunting and watch out for those loose bricks that find their way into the carpet!
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