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I never had any Lego when I was a child. It wasn't until my son showed such a fascination in Lego as a toddler, that I too started building with them.

As he grew older his fascination turned to Bionicle, and so did mine as I enjoyed sharing his interests with him. Bionicle movies, books, videogames, sets, we did them all together. Besides retail stores, we were also purchasing many older used Bionicle on ebay, and just by chance I discovered BrickLink. We purchased heavily on BrickLink for a couple of years, but when Bionicle ended in 2010 it seemed many Bionicle focused stores here ended too.

So in 2011 we decided to open our own Bionicle focused store together to fill the void. He does also enjoy Hero Factory and Technic, so we collect and sell as much of that as we can too. He's also been involved in Lego Robotics at school for many years.

I don't have the time to build nearly at all anymore, as I spend it running the store. While I do most of the work here, it is a family affair and we all pitch in to hopefully make you happy you shopped here.

As my son becomes a teenager, I suspect his attention may turn elsewhere from Lego, but I'll stick around here selling as long as people are happy we're here, as I saw for many years the overwhelming joy Lego gave him, and am thrilled at the opportunity to pass the joy on to others be they young or old.

Keep building, James.

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