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At first I didn't know where it all came from... pieces and sets everywhere. I have a son (currently 16 years old - 2024), and I recall having a strong urge to get him interested in Lego. As a kid, I remember loving the unlimited possibilities. I figured that he would become the world's most famous architect if given the proper launch. If his love of our Lego houses is any indication, it might just happen. In pursuit of sets that might interest him, I acquired quite a few sets that didn't. He's mostly interested in the houses, so the other stuff started collecting dust. And here we are. I will continue to look for the tired, poor, huddled masses of bricks, yearning to once again be part of a complete set. I will find the missing pieces and instructions, and I will allow those bricks to once again bring joy to children, young and old. And I will have a great time doing it! Thanks for stopping by. k.
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