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Growing up with three older brothers, there were plenty of Lego around my house, but, being a little sister meant that I was banned from playing with them! I didn't build my first Lego set until I was all grown up and had a little boy. He is a Lego wiz who built his first set at age 3 without any help from his amazed parents. To this day, all I get to do for him is squish the pieces together better.
I spent a couple years helping him build up his collection and one day realized that I really loved playing with the Lego too. I would hear other moms complaining about all the mess with their kid's Lego while I found myself looking forward to cleaning up the 'Lego Room.' So I took a chance and started up Old Grey Bricks. Now, my boy plays with his sets and I play in my store. It's crazy but it's fun!
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