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Jenn's Humble Shop

Hi, I'm Jenn. My interest in Lego diminished during some a very stressful (and honestly painful) period in my life. Now that things are starting to calm down, my building instict is returning. Initially my interest in Lego began when my son found a lid-less treasure chest and some gold coins at the local playground. Coincidentally, a few month later - when we moved out of our first home we found a few pieces (one was a train rail) stashed in the very back of a linen closet. They weren't ours, so they had to have belonged to the children who lived in the house before us... The "final straw" was finding a complete 'Anakin's Podracer' set at the thrift shop. By then, I was hooked!

I used to collect with my son and my mother. My little man, now 13, has lost all interest in Lego building. Sadly, I lost Mom in July of 2010. So I no longer have anyone in our household to collect/play/build with me... Mom absolutely loved the Harry Potter sets. I inherited quite the collection of Harry Potter Legos and I absolutely treasure them. I like a little of everything... except Technic and Bionicle.

I've decided to open a Bricklink Shop because I've found that sometimes I had more pieces than I needed for my creations or happened upon pieces I would never use. I don't have much in stock (hence the name of my shop) but as time goes on the inventory is slowly growing...

Thanks for your interest! :)

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