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About me: Why did I open this store? Well, as a child I was not fortunate enough to have Lego sets to build and play with. I distinctly remember visits to my cousin’s house, who had tons of Legos. We would spread them out and spend hours upon hours building our creations. When I had children of my own, my fortune had changed and we were able to provide them with buckets of Duplos, then Legos and then Lego sets. I was always just as excited as they were to open the packages. Being a bit of a type A personality, my favorite thing to do was sort them (weird, I know). As a result, my kids’ Legos were always neatly organized in bins. Little did I know that was a precursor for opening this store. I’ve spent months accumulating Legos and learning about the many variations in the bricks. Who knew there was so much to know about Legos?! Even though I am a new store on this site, please consider giving me a chance to make you a satisfied customer. I’m not new to online selling, as I have made more than 360 sales on eBay with a 100% customer satisfaction feedback score. Thank you for stopping by my store. I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to fulfill your order!
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