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I have been buying and selling here at Brick Link for well over a year now and am still learning things about this awesome site. I have bought and sold Lego product on ebay mostly as a trading system for my own project. Sell off what is not needed to generate revenue to purchase the parts that would be needed to come closer to compleation of a large project that I have been working on for the last 14 years.

Then I found Brick Link and saw the opertunity to purchase the parts that I need without having to buy in bulk or pay more for shipping than the actual product. And now have found it easy to sell the unneeded parts more affectively to people who are really into the hobby that I am. From what I have seen of Brick Link, it appears to almost be a family of sort where people can get together and do what I am trying to do, buy and sell mostly for personal projects. And then there are those big companies that have those huge stores too and is nice to have to get more of a bulk order.

I'm willing to bet that most of you never gave my e-mail or user name a second thought. This page will change that. I started playing with Legos when I was 7 years old. My grandparents went out to Toy City and bought my first set (6382)fire station of '81. From there I was hooked as I had always loved construction and chose a carrier as a tile installer to let my inner child come out even at work. After I got older and all my old Legos got passed down to a cousin of mine, I moved into a house several hundred miles away from what has always been my home. After about 2 weeks of being homesick, I found an old beat up, Lego brick abandoned by the previose occupants of the house. As I picked up the old destroyed brick I started to remember how fun Legos were to play with and had to rush to the store to buy a small set to tinker with. Of course I got hooked again and started to build up a collection and tried to repliate interesting buildings in the city where I lived. And after about a year of building what everyone else had designed, I started F.A.B. My beloved commercial and transit train station and cooperate office building of 14 years and over 50,000 pieces.

Fast Action Boarding (F.A.B.) has over 50,000 parts and pieces constructed of 100% pure Lego brand product & 1 fishing line about 4 feet long and is built in 3 sections for easy maintenance and moving made possible. Section 1 (now completed) has 18 Lego lights, an old receiving role up door, kitchen, ladies and mens room with all the trimmings (though you can't see all of it), dinning room with cathedral ceilings and hang down lights, and a cooridoor from the front (parking lot) to the back (track area). Level 2 houses the security area with a holding cell and a restroom for the personel and a few cubicals for the secritaries. Level 3 is still under construction or I'd call it maintanence as there is a crew with a light hanging out of the ceiling and are trying to get it back up. They have the area blocked off and up on a ladder assessing the situation. This section has over 25,000 pieces and weighs over 40lbs

Section 2 will take about a month from here due to technical difficulties as the 3 level elevator needs a new door motor and is a pain anyway. Very hard to get the corks out on a running elevator made from Legos. This elevator has 12 red 1x4x5 windows on the outter part of the building to give it a glass face overlooking the trains as they role in dropping passengers off and boarding new riders. This section also houses customer relations on the first level with a staff lounge next door. level 2 has the vice presidents office, and level 3 houses the company's president's office over looking the parking lot. This section has 7 Lego lights, over 7,000 parts and pieces a working elevator with interior light, and weighs about 15 lbs.

And finally section 3 (if you are still reading this long unimportant page on a selling site) is the largest but least detailed section. Over half of this section is the ticket sales couter and waiting lobby with cathedral ceilings and 2 hanging lights with about 80 chairs / benches and a wide open floor. It also has another cooridoor like the one in section 1 from parking side to track side. The rest of this section houses the financial district and the stair case with a confrance room on the second level with a smaller cathedral ceiling and a pair of hang down lights. Even with less detail and more open space, this section has over 24,000 parts and pieces, 30 lights and weighs over 50 lbs.

If you have read this far, thank you for taking the time to enjoy a tour of my beloved F.A.B. as I am very proud of the work and effort, not to mention time this thing has taken me to create, and also shows you how well I know the product that I am selling and not just some retailer knowing the bare minimum. I consider myself a veteraine on this subject.

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