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I started off as a simple collector at the age of 4, with my farther, now im 18 with a small bricklink store. i will always remember the pain of squeezing ball joints into sockets, while building the original bionicles. man, did that hurt when i was young. my personal collection has gone from one large box, to a literal shed full of lego, sorted originaly by colour and now by components. i have ran out of room fast and want to expand, i will need somewhere with a lot of storage. my main goal is to become the number 1 bricklink seller in the uk. wish me luck - dia_ brick ps. i also do some youtube videos here and there: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9l_M2AQ_HPYXGVXrJ2sNCg?view_as=subscriber thanks for taking your time to read this :)
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