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Hi, I'm Donna Carmine, a Lego fan since I first saw them in the late '70's. I am currently collecting the Star Wars and the Harry Potter series. I was able to find a WMKK (White Metal Krana-Kal) in a store near me and am very proud to own one! I have recently built a shelf around the top part of my "lego room" and have put the Lego 9v train up on it. Now I am working on putting up themed sections for the train to travel through. I have 40 feet of shelving to decorate with the sets I have collected, including pirates, classic space, city, star wars, harry potter, bionicle, technic and a few misc. sets I like. This project has been 3 years in the making, with the biggest hold up being funding. I started building, repairing and servicing computers in 2001 in the small community here where I live. My husband and I run this business in a small shop uptown, and between these two passions, I stay pretty busy. I have two grown children and a wonderful husband, and of course two medium sized dogs. If you have any computer questions, I would be glad to try and help (I am A+ Certified).
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