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On Christmas morning, 1962, I found a box of bricks under the tree. I grew up with 1960's Lego, and pretty much wore the bricks out to the point where they wouldn't stick any more. Of all that Lego, what I wish I still had are the Samsonite gears -- gosh I loved those things. Anyway, fast forward a few decades to where one day I was wandering through a toy store for no good reason (this was in times B.C. -- before child) and I saw a small Technic model. Wow! This is Lego? Bricks with holes! Gears! Axles! So I started picking up Technic models here and there just for fun. Then my daughter came along (in 1999) so we started collecting Lego in earnest.

Over the years our interests have gone through several phases. She was doing Knights Kingdom for a while, and some Star Wars, but now is on a major Harry Potter kick. We both enjoy robots. I've always hung around model railroaders, and dabbled in it a bit, so Lego trains are getting some attention from me now, too.

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