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Lego has been a part of my life since I was really young. From the standard Lego brick, to Harry Potter and, of course, Star Wars. Give me some Lego and I was a content child.

My interest in Lego, like most, waned as I entered my teenage years. I, too experienced the infamous Lego dark age. Thankfully, it only took a casual visit to the Lego store in my home town of Glasgow (Scotland) in my early 20s to reinvigorate my passion for the brick.

From then on out it was the Lego Creator Expert Vehicles (like the Mini in racing green), Lego Ideas (The Saturn V), Lego Star Wars and Lego Architecture that recaptured my imagination.

I came across Bricklink shortly after, when I was looking to sell some of my original Lego. People seemed to love the level of service I provided through my store 'Capital Creations', so I expanded and started selling new Lego (parted out from new sets)

Whilst most of my customers are based in the UK, I've now shipped Bricklink orders all over the world (from Germany, to China, the US and Australia).

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