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Back home in New Zealand and now a full time Real Estate Salesperson in Whakatane as of January 2018. Working my way through vast quantity of Lego accumulated in England and here in New Zealand trying to properly sort out what I need for my displays and sell off the excess and parts I just don't need. My favourite themes are the modular buildings, Winter village series and the new power functions trains which feature in my display, I belong to the not yet official Hamilton based Hamlug group which is a great opportunity to show of some of my lego.

I only ever sell good quality lego, and keep shipping costs to a minimum, using recycled packaging, and charging only what the Post Office charge me for shipping. I prefer bank transfer for NZ customers, but also accept Paypal although if you pay this way <strong>I pass on their transaction fees</strong> (currently 0.45c + 3.4% of the order total), this is clearly identified on the invoices.

I try to process orders as quickly as possible, usually with 1 - 3 days of receipt but with trying to get established in Real Estate, a completely new career can make it difficult to meet that target. If you need your parts urgently then let me know when you place the order and feel free to chase me if you want to know whats happening with your order.

The minimum order value is only set because it isn't viable to process orders any smaller. I only invoice after picking out parts so any shortages can be notified before money changes hands. If I start to get behind, or if other priorities intrude I may close the store to new orders while I catch up.

Happy brick-ing, Andrew
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