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Hi I'm Bricks Northwest. I'm Located in Vancouver, Washington. I build custom Lego train stuff, I'm one of the biggest sellers of Lego trains "over 200 different" on EBAY, ETSY with a wide variety of train engines, boxcar, hoppers, caboose's, flat cars, tankers etc. I've been on Bricklink almost 20 years now. Unfortunately BL took all my stuff off due to there new rules since they are owned by Lego now, but you can find my stuff on EBAY and ETSY. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Bricksnw I'm always adding new stuff. If you live in the Northwest you can always find me at Bricks Cascade show every year or even at some of the local model railroad shows. I also work with Brick Train Depot on helping them sell there trains as kits.
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