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I am a toy enthusiast and a parent with background in computer science. I appreciate quality toys. I grew up in Denmark and spent many hours building LEGO® houses in my childhood and also when I was babysitting as a teenager. I was fascinated by the sloped roof pieces, the doors and the windows, and to this day I still am. My favorite sets include DUPLO® Farm 2655, DUPLO® Home 9148, and LEGO® Building Bonanza 4886. The latter set I'm sure turns many eyes googly. No wonder, that set for a time being had to be backordered from LEGO®.

Our family's DUPLO® collection started when our son was born in the early 90'ties. I would have a hard time avoiding the toy aisles in stores and often DUPLOs would end up in the shopping basket. I was fascinated by DUPLO® people from day one. My fascination became even bigger a few years ago when I began to look at the patterns of facial features of DUPLO® people. The fascination for DUPLO® people resulted in the web site www.duplonuggets.com. The collection you see on that site contains our son's first DUPLO® people and also purchases and trades from stores and private people in Denmark, Germany, England, Scotland, The United States, and Canada.

So how did I end up with a store on Bricklink? Yes, the collection simply became a little bit too big, and we now have too many 'duplocates'. Each family member also needs a little room for their hobby. I feel I can fully justify selling something when that something is among the best. That's what LEGO® is. In addition it is fun to meet other toy enthusiasts.

Over time some of our son's LEGO® sets might be listed in the store. Most of the sets he has are kept with boxes and the instructions have been carefully filed.

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