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Welcome !

We offer LEGO Sets, Parts & Pieces...

World Wide !

This LEGO shop is a family project run by a Mom and her twin boys. The twins build the sets and authenticate the inventory. Mom picks, packs and ships the goods.

Our HUGE PARTS INVENTORY and many of our COMPLETE SETS are not listed here yet.

Send an email to webbizpal@yahoo.com and we'll see if we have what you need.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read the following information before placing an order. We hope this answers the most commonly asked questions. Drop us an email (webbizpal@yahoo.com) if you have additional questions. We will reply promptly.

Part Quality:

NEW parts will have been handled but look new to the naked eye and will have been routinely handled for sorting and packaging. USED parts come from preowned sets and have been handled routinely in building and having fun. Used parts may contain scratches and wear typical of being played with. All parts have been sorted and stored in sealed plastic bags inside plastic drawers and tubs in a smoke-free environment until they are purchased.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our used parts you can always ship them back to us for a full refund of the parts price as an exchange toward other parts or future orders. Note: We will not refund shipping costs and the Buyer is responsible for any costs incurred to ship the item back to us for credit.

Domestic (U.S.) Shipping

All packages are shipped through the United States Postal Service. Small and light orders that can be mailed in a padded envelope will be sent for a flat rate of $2.25. Most orders between 1-4 pounds are shipped via USPS Priority Mail for $4-$10 depending on your zip code. For orders over 4 pounds we will quote you actual shipping charges using a shipping method mutually agreed upon.

We can accommodate special shipping requests, just ask BEFORE bidding or ordering.

Insurance Note: Insurance is available at your request and expense. We are not responsible for lost packages that were not insured. Insurance for up to $50 is $1.30. Insurance for up to $100 is $2.20 and then is $1.00 more for each additional $100 of insurance. Please indicate when placing your order if you would like insurance so that it can be included on your invoice.

International Shipping

Most packages are shipped through the United States Postal Service via Air Mail Letter Post in padded envelopes or Global Express Mail in packaging provided by the USPS. Your shipping charges can be estimated using USPS website (www.usps.com). Please include a small handling charge (50 cents to $1) in your estimate for packing material unless using Global Express Mail. The USPS does not have tracking control once it leaves the U.S. unless you select their "Guaranteed" Global Express Delivery Service. This service can be more costly, but it does allow you to track your shipment every step of the way.

Insurance and Tracking Note: Insurance and package tracking is available at your request and expense. We are not responsible for lost packages that were not insured or did not provide for tracking. Please indicate when placing your order if you would like insurance and tracking so that it can be included on your invoice. International insurance and tracking can be quite expensive.


Please do not send payment until you have received an invoice from us! The automatic order confirmations sent by BrickLink do not include shipping or insurance costs you may need. U.S. buyers requesting USPS standard or Priority Mail shipping without insurance can send payment via paypal.com to our address below by simply adding the flat rate amounts listed above to your order total.

We accept the following types of payment (in U.S. funds only):
  • PayPal.com - Send PayPal payments to webbizpal@yahoo.com. (Buyers must have Verified PayPal accounts and Confirmed addresses. International Buyers will incur a 1% processing fee.) )
  • Money Orders and Cashier's Checks (U.S. Residents only)
  • BidPay.com (Preferred method of payment for International Buyers)
  • Cash, in U.S. dollars (Submit at your own risk).

You will receive the address to mail payments to with your order confirmation and invoice.

Order Processing

Domestic orders will usually be invoiced the same day that the order is placed. International orders may take an extra day or two because they require estimated shipping costs. Orders are usually shipped the same day your payment is received (excluding weekends).

We will use the BrickLink order tracking system to keep you informed of the status of your order. Please refer to your Orders Placed screen to check on the status of your order.

Here are the different status and what they mean:

  • Pending - Order placed but not yet invoiced
  • Ready - Order has been invoiced. If you have not received your invoice, please let me know.
  • Paid - Order has been paid for but not yet packed.
  • Packed - Order has been packed for shipment. Will be shipped on the next shipping day (excluding Saturday and Sunday).
  • Shipped - Order has been shipped and you should be receiving it shortly.
  • Complete - Order is complete. This status should be set by you when you receive your package.


Our inventory on BrickLink is as accurate as possible. Recently it has been reported that a possible glitch in the BrickLink system has caused a part or two to appear in some shops where the shop owner has not placed that part in his/her inventory and therefore, cannot fulfill the order. While this has not happened with our shop yet, be assured that we try to scan our inventory and back it up routinely so that we might prevent any such glitch in the BrickLink system.

Order Additions

Additions to your order are welcome until the order status is changed to Packed. Please let us know right away if you want us to hold your order pending additions. Additions to your order after payment has been received will be charged a $1 surcharge to cover processing costs. If you plan on adding to your order over a period of time, please do not pay until you are completely done ordering.

It will only be possible to add items to your order within the first 7 days after the initial order. Payment is expected after those 7 days. If you would like to keep your order open longer to save on shipping payment you will need to inform us in advance and payment for all added parts has to be received every 7 day period. Finally when you are satisfied with your order we will charge you the shipping charges for the whole order with your last additions.

Minimum Order

There is a $3 minimum order at BrickPals.

Canceling / Modifying an Order

Currently there is no way for us to edit your order once it has been placed. We cannot remove specific items from an order. Please double check everything before submitting your order.

Placing an order is a binding contract from which there are no legitimate reasons for canceling. Changing your mind, finding the parts elsewhere, or not having the money to pay are not valid reasons for canceling an order. Please be sure of your order before placing it. Canceled orders will result in us posting negative feedback for you.

Non-Paying Buyers

Payment is expected within 7 days from the date of invoice (10 days for international orders). If payment is not received within this time frame, a Non-Paying Buyer Alert will be filed with Bricklink. This may result in loss of your ability to place future orders through BrickLink (not just at our store). If, after filing the NPB alert, payment is still not received, the order will be cancelled and negative feedback will be left. All Non-Paying Buyers will be banned from placing future orders at BrickPals.


Feedback is an integral part of the buying and selling process. We will leave you feedback the day your order ships. Please take the time to leave us feedback when you receive your order. Please communicate with us promptly if you are not satisfied with any part of your order or the order process. Your satisfaction is important to us. Feedback can be left from the Orders Placed screen. Please also set the order to Complete when you are at this screen.

Contact us anytime

BrickLink ID: BrickPals    Email: webbizpal@yahoo.com
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